What apps use data while on wifi

Has anyone here encountered a mismatch between the phone's mobile data usage details and what Verizon is reporting on the account? The thread below mentions a possible software glitch that is causing the phone to still use mobile data even though it's connected to WiFi.

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What connection does Android use when both WiFi and mobile data are simultaneously enabled? Update Cancel. a d b y P a l o A l t o N e t w o r k s. Safely enable SaaS apps with Prisma SaaS. Get consistent security for any device, anytime & anywhere. Learn ... How to use GPS without data on an Android smartphone or iPhone I don’t use the phone as an actual *phone* that often, and the data can go almost entirely untouched thanks to ubiquitous wifi as well as offline applications (I’m saving the MBs for emergencies). Tracfone offers pretty decent smartphones these days; the one I have does pretty much everything I want it to (with the exception of playing large-file games, because it has little internal ... How to Stop Photos App From Using Cellular Data On iPhone Your iPhone will wait until it can connect to a WiFi Network, in order to make updates to your iCloud Photo Library. Reduce Cellular Data Usage while Allowing Photos ...

My husband is always home and uses his phone a lot. We have wifi there, so his usage should be very minimal. However he ends up using 5 to 6 gigs a then from in there you can restrict which apps use the mobile data. Hope this helps there are so many settings that burn up data on these phone I am... Does using a hotspot while connected to wifi use cellular data? I'm confused about data usage / hotspot while connected to WiFi. I'm asking because my Windows 8 laptop cannot recognize my friend's router, as in it You cannot use your Wi-Fi connection for Internet connectivity while other devices are using Wi-Fi for Personal Hotspot. You can share only a cellular... Use cellular data while connected to Wi-Fi with no internet I'm creating an Android app that connects to another device via WiFi that sends and receives data through a socket connection. I want to be able to use my cellular data to do other things (such as browsing) while staying connected to this device. On an iOS device, changing the network settings to... limit which apps use bandwith while on wifi

Game hangs on WiFi but not Cellular Data while every other app...

Is it possible to use mobile data while being connected to wifi? The feature helps improve the switching speed by not letting the internet drop while switching from WiFi to mobile data, that's when ever you are surfing something over the web and loose connection to the WiFi network, the pages won't fail to load, thus making the connection seamless and intact all the time. USING CELL DATA WHILE ON WIFI - Apple Community When you use your iPhone with Wi-Fi, it does use all data services via the Wi-Fi. Most people when using apps, simply just press the home button to get out of the app. They do not log off the app or kill the app by double clicking the home button, and pressing down on the app's in the lower field, and killing the apps by pressing the do not enter badges that appears. This will stop the apps use of cell data, and Wi-Fi. Data usage while on wifi - AT&T Community Re: Data usage while on wifi Att does that on purpose so they get all costumers to buy more gb. But if you think about it, it should last a full month, it's what all customers pay for monthly usage. 7 apps that are quietly killing your data plan - CNET

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